FT Automotive Supervisor

Job Summary
The Automotive Fleet Supervisor is responsible for maintaining a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient fleet of vehicles to support the business. He/she ensures proper use and care of physical assets, helps to prevent equipment failures, controls costs, manages external vendor relationships, works closely with auto mechanics and internal customers, and performs regular equipment and facility audits. This position supervises mechanics within the department.
A primary responsibility of this position is to monitor fleet vehicle equipment maintenance. To do this, the Automotive Fleet Supervisor schedules Preventative Maintenance Inspections and reviews the results, monitors repairs, and performs vehicle audits to ensure mechanics adhere to safety, regulatory and appearance standards. This individual analyzes equipment or vehicle system failures to determine root causes and resolve problems, and plans and coordinates equipment repairs with internal and external groups (e.g., drivers, vendors). Another major area of responsibility is to maintain automotive cost effectiveness. Duties include reviewing equipment failures and component replacements to identify trends, and monitoring key expense indices (e.g., fuel, replacement parts, tires, labor hours, equipment, etc.) to identify and implement cost-saving strategies. The Automotive Fleet Supervisor also supports automotive safety and regulatory compliance by conducting facility audits, following up on issues, and coordinating safety and regulatory training. Vendor related duties include verifying external-vendor repairs, preparing repair orders and estimates, and performing on-site vendor inspections.
Other Duties
Ensure adequate inventory levels (e.g., parts, tires, etc.) to support business processes
Work with other groups to prevent, identify and resolve equipment and service problems
Adhere to purchasing limits, expense approval procedures, and equipment disposal guidelines to remain within cost plan
Review and approve automotive expenses
Determine employee training needs to produce continuous development plans
Provide feedback and support
Conduct performance evaluations and resolve individual and group performance issues
Preferred Competencies
Applies legal, regulatory and safety compliance knowledge to reduce company risk
Applies knowledge of mechanical fundamentals, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair to vehicle or aircraft fleet operation
Applies an understanding of policies and procedures to situations and operations in a business area
Applies knowledge of company structure and operations to resolve problems, make decisions and achieve business objectives
Builds labor relations with unionized employees, and addressing and resolving requests and situations
Coaches and develops others using career development processes and tools
Manages equipment repair and oversees the correction of problems with tools, machinery and other standard technical equipment
Manages inspections of buildings, grounds, equipment, supplies, and/or compliance documents to ensure safety, regulatory compliance, prolonged service life, and appearance
Manages physical assets (e.g., machinery, vehicles, equipment, supplies). Evaluates, obtains and allocates physical asset resources, maximizes their use and projects future asset needs
Manages and establishes working relationships with vendors (e.g., suppliers, consultants, contractors)
UPS is an equal opportunity employer - race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/sexual orientation/gender identity

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